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Technology and Food Safety

With Quality Assurance Poland (www.haccp-polska.pl) you have a partner who you can rely on now and in the future. You will benefit from a team of experienced food safety consultants and auditors who understand the issues your business faces.

We can assist you with the following:

  • HACCP Plan in food industry
  • GMP+ in feed sector
  • Polish and WE Labelling requirements
  • Conduct internal audits
  • Certification
  • Quality Systems (inc. ISO 9001)
  • Retailer Requirements (BRC / IFS / Ikea / Tesco)
  • Supplier assessments
  • Sustainability of biofuels (ISCC, REDcert, NTA8080, 2Bsvs)
  • Sensory Evaluation set up.

All the major food and feed safety standards require team members to be trained in HACCP and other quality systems, operating staff to be aware of their food safety responsibilities, and internal auditors to be skilled.

Quality Assurance Poland can offer assistance for food businesses which are implementing or maintaining quality systems. Our packages will vary depending on the size, complexity and needs of your food businesses. We support your business through independent Food and Feed Hygiene and Safety Auditing.

Our experienced team of food technologists trained and qualified in food safety auditing, can visit your site providing:

+ Internal auditing + Gathering of objective proofs + Detailed analysis + Recommendations for improvement + Precise and confidential reporting + Re-assessment to monitor change over time + Innovation + Technological projects in food and feed industry.

Legal services

Legal consulting for entrepreneurs interested in the Polish market. Polish food and feed labeling.

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Training Courses

Food Safety and HACCP training is essential to minimise your risk and liability. Our courses are presented by experienced and practicing lead Food Safety Auditors.

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Assistance with

  • general food microbiology and hygiene
  • risk assessment and risk management
  • developing intervention strategies
  • legal aspects and microbiological criteria
  • hygienic design of processing equipment and food processing lines
  • production of codes of hygienic practice, etc.
  • drafting of ISO, GMP & HACCP quality and management systems
  • auditing for supplier certification
  • food preservation technologies
  • safe food processing
  • drafting of dossiers
  • development of innovation projects

In case of a crisis (Product Recall & Withdrawal)

  • rapid diagnosis of the problem
  • an efficient approach to control
  • strategies to avoid repetition

Labeling of food / feed & chemical industry

Complete evaluation of food / feed and chemical product (REACH, cosmetics) labels to assure conformity and compliance with EU/PL regulations, and review of label components:

product name, food category name, list of ingredients, quantitative declaration of ingredients, allergy declarations, genetically modified foods and ingredients, misleading descriptions or impressions, contents declaration, claims, nutrition labeling, name and address, date marking, lot marking, other legal requirements eg. storage and handling instructions, extra information, information which can be left out.

Prompt service, our objective is to provide a rapid response service.

Label drafts and proofs for review are preferably submitted by e-mail or post. In most situations, fax copies will be acceptable, depending upon considerations of copy clarity, sizing and color. Complete and detailed recommendations, as follows.

We will return to you: Your original submission, or a copy thereof, with each area requiring attention or correction clearly identified; Appropriate written suggestions and recommendations. Follow-up review of the corrected label after suggested changes have been made.

No extra charges for this, prices are all inclusive. There are no hidden ad-on fees. We will evaluate the ingredient declaration for correct terminology (in accordance with regulation 1169/2011).

We offer total confidentiality for those clients who require full verification of the ingredient declaration.

This includes correct order of predominance and proper statement of complex components (those that may require parenthetical listing of their ingredients). We will execute appropriate confidentiality agreements as requested.

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